Wednesday 22 May 2013

Today's Review: Watches

I'm sure at one point, the ability to be able to tell the time of day by glancing at your wrist would have been condemned as witchcraft. You'd have to rely on the position of the sun, or some kind of massive clock somewhere. But then someone made a watch, a tiny clock that fits round your wrist, and the world was changed forever.

I know that nowadays watches aren't overly important, what with every screen we carry around displaying the time, but there's something about the convenient placement of a watch that makes it timeless. Even without a watch, we can acknowledge its importance, tapping our wrist when scolding someone for their lateness and the like. Watches are, and always will be, a useful invention.

Until they stop, that is. Now, most watch batteries last a very long time, but my last watch crapped out very soon after I bought it. I then went through a dark time of not owning a watch, and while I adjusted, it wasn't quite the same. But when a watch fails it leaves a sour taste. Without another timepiece to consult you may be late to important events, it's really a lot of trust to be putting into a small circle on your wrist to always be accurate. I'm sure most people compare watch to clock regularly, and we soon notice any discrepancies.

So yes, the watch is a fantastic invention, but it does rely on external sources to remain accurate. Still, I hope I never have to live without one.

My rating: 4/5

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