Wednesday 1 May 2013

Today's Review: Getting Food Stuck Between Your Teeth

I'm sure we've all had it happen before. You go about your day, smiling, talking and whatnot, only to get home, glance in the mirror and- "Holy shit! There's a great big piece of food stuck in my teeth! I had lunch hours ago! How many people saw it? Why did nobody tell me?"

It's an embarrassing discovery, because no one wants to be thought of as having poor dental hygiene, and nothing says that more than letting your food hang out at the front of your gums for a while (apart from having rotten stumps for teeth I guess). But sadly, getting food between your teeth is pretty unavoidable sometimes, and unless you check your teeth every time you eat that food is going to stay there a while, meaning people may be judging you wherever you go.

But why does food have to get stuck in your teeth anyway? Why should teeth be individual peg things with room in between for such awful things? I know there are probably various biological and evolutionary reasons for our teeth being the way they are, but really, having a wall of enamel that we can use to crunch with no fear of errant food hanging around doesn't sound so bad. The dental floss business would collapse, but we would have mouths like cartoon characters, and that's cool.

Getting food stuck between your teeth is annoying, embarrassing and unnecessary. It's made me want to check my teeth after every single thing I eat, but if I do that at work and find something then I'll have no toothbrush to remedy the situation. Getting food out of your teeth with your fingers is no easy task, and I find flossing pretty cringeworthy too. The whole thing is just annoying. Maybe I'll just eat my food liquefied to be safe.

My rating: 0/5

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