Wednesday 29 May 2013

Today's Review: Paperclips

A simple. bent piece of metal. A stationery revolution. Paperclips are, in essence, clips that hold paper together, and that in itself is remarkable. For anyone who wants to keep papers together, but without the long term commitment and painful separation that a staple promises, the paperclip is the ultimate choice. It is malleable in order to accommodate any number of papers, but can easily be bent back into shape to provide security. But paperclips don't just hold paper to paper, in fact any two items that fit neatly inside its grasp can be held together. It should just be called a clip, calling it a paperclip severely undermines its potential.

In fact, a paperclip doesn't need to be used as a clip at all. The fact that it's made from a bendable rod of sturdy metal makes it useful for a plethora of other things. The sharp ends can poke holes in various things, you can fashion a couple of paperclips into lock picks, you could use one as a rudimentary backscratcher? I don't know, the possibilities are probably not endless, but are many and varied. Forget your pencils, erasers, protractors and other single use stationery items, the paperclip is where it's at.

My rating: 5/5

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