Friday 31 May 2013

Today's Review: Haribo Watermelon Slices

There's a limited edition pack of Tangfastics out at the moment, and much like the rhubarb and custard splat before it, the special new sweetie available this time around is the watermelon slice. It's fizzy like the rest of its tangy brethren, but shaped and coloured like a watermelon slice, unsurprisingly.

It does taste very nice though. I was certainly a fan of the rhubarb and custard splats, as were others apparently, since they got their own bag. The watermelon slice is even better, in my opinion. It has that bold, candy watermelon taste that you'll find in true American sweets like Jolly Rancher, and the fuzziness really gives it a kick, ensuring intense flavour all the way through. It's an excellent addition to the Tangfastics range, let's just hope it gets its own bag someday.

My rating: 5/5

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