Saturday 12 July 2014

Today's Review: Getting Kicked By A Pony

We visited relatives in The New Forest today, a tranquil countryside location resplendent with roaming farm animals. Of particular note are the many wild ponies wandering freely around the place, and after a short walk through the woods we came upon a field with a few grazing ponies. A great opportunity to get up close to some lovely animals, we thought, as long as they don't run away.

Two of the ponies were pretty cosies up to each other, so I chose to stroke a nice black one further away. Upon approaching, he didn't bolt, but apparently this wasn't an invitation to touch him. As soon as I placed my hand I his side he turned around to deliver a pretty forceful kick in my general direction. Thankfully I didn't catch the full force of it, but I certainly got a good wallop to the calf. 

Hobbling away from my attacker, and warning the kids that this particular pony probably didn't want to be bothered, I turned and saw the rest of the family happily stroking one of the first two, apparently much more docile, ponies. Typical. I certainly came away a lot better off than I would have done with a full force kick, but I still have a pretty swollen, bruised calf that will take a good while to heal. So just be careful when you're touching wild ponies. Being on the receiving end of a good is not something is recommend.

My rating: 0/5

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