Thursday 24 July 2014

Today's Review: Almond Breeze Iced Cappucino

I often like to pick up an iced coffee for a little pick me up, and while perusing the usual Starbucks and Emmi offerings I found this little bottle on offer. It's a dairy free iced cappuccino, that uses Almond Breeze almond milk instead of the regular stuff. Great for anyone who's lactose intolerant.

Unfortunately it's not too great on the tastebuds. I've had almond milk before, and don't find it too objectionable. I'd probably have a smidge in my morning coffee and not find any fault with it. But this doesn't have almond milk in, it's just spring water mixed with almonds, and that does not a cappuccino make. There's certainly a nice hint of coffee in there that gave me a little boost of energy, and this coffee is certainly okay for the first few gulps. But nearing the bottom, the slightly nutty, mostly bland flavour of the water gets a bit too much, and the aftertaste isn't all that good either. I can't say I finished the bottle feeling satisfied. I think I'll stick with the regular milky iced coffees from now on.

My rating: 2/5


  1. I thought the Cappuccino was just OK but they also do an iced mocha which is much much nicer

    1. I was debating which to pick up, and chocolate does make everything better. But I thought I'd review it on its own merits first.