Tuesday 29 July 2014

Today's Review: Spun Candy Sherbet

I couldn't resist popping back to Spun Candy during my trip to London at the weekend. Apart from picking up a bag of their awesome rock candy, I got hold of some of their handmade sherbet. You may think that sherbet is one of your tiny, budget kids sweets, in the form of a Sherbet Fountain or a Crazy Dip. But this ain't your regular Dip Dab. This is a huge, heavy, tightly packaged wad of wonder candy powder, all bundled up with a nice big lollipop.

I didn't expect anything less from Spun Candy, but this stuff truly is awesome. The sherbet is a strawberry concoction of smashed up candy with a wonderful tang. Some of it had clumped together, but a bit of a squeeze and it was good to go, easily melting on the tongue and unleashing all the fizzy goodness. There's a helluva lot of sherbet in this bag, but it was very hard to stop myself eating the whole lot in one sitting. Thankfully I was provided with an exemplary dipper to do the job, a thick lollipop with a bold strawberry flavour, which picks up the powder easily and just adds more the overall flavour. This is another great product from Spun Candy, and is certainly the best sherbet experience I've had. This shop has definitely made my list of must-visit places in London.

My rating: 5/5

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