Wednesday 23 July 2014

Today's Review: Fox's Chunkie White Chocolate Cookies

There are many cookies lining the shelves of supermarkets. But through all the years, and all the brands, I must say one of my all time favourite packs of cookies is Fox's Chunkie Extremely Chocolatey cookies. Laden with chocolate chips, and coated in more chocolate for good measure, I often have trouble leaving any behind once I've opened a pack.

Now Fox's have brought out a new variety in their Chunkie cookies range, this time with white chocolate instead of the regular old milk. I'm a sucker for white chocolate, so I had to give these a go. These may not have the nice chocolatey coating you get with the "Extremely" cookies, but there's still a fair amount of white chocolate chunks spread throughout these biscuits. The result is a thick, crunchy, crumbly cookie, with a light, creamy chocolatey texture throughout. 

The white chocolate certainly is a nice touch, but it doesn't fit quite as well with the biscuit as the milk chocolate does. Perhaps if they'd brought out a pack of Extremely White Chocolatey cookies I'd be raving a bit more right now. Still, they're nice cookies, and definitely worth picking up if you're into white chocolate.

My rating: 4/5

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