Saturday 19 July 2014

Today's Review: Slim Fruits

I was asked a couple of days ago if I would like to review these new Slim Fruits pastilles. I'm a big advocate of low carb diets (although I'm not exactly on one at the moment...), I jumped at the chance, as these seemed right up my street. 

Slim Fruits come in two fruity flavours, rhubarb & strawberry and peach melba. They're tiny fruit pastilles, that contain no sugar, no fat, and a butt load of fibre (pardon the pun), at only two calories a pop. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, these sweets are designed to "fill you up, not out", but do they succeed?

I'll say right off the bat that these aren't perfect, after all, there's only so much you can do with two calories and no sugar. But what's in these little sweets is actually very nice. The flavours are bold, fruity, and actually taste how they're supposed to. After a good few chews, they do taste a little artificial, but there's enough flavour in there to last until you swallow. The best part about these pastilles is that they are indeed very filling. They're extremely chewy and heavy, and after eating only a couple I felt a lot more full than before, which for four calories is a great achievement. 

These little packets of Slim Fruits are available in Boots and Holland & Barrett at £1.89 per box. It may seem a little pricey, but for the amount of sweets you get in the box, and considering how filling they are, it's not too bad, certainly better than stuffing a couple of packets of Haribo and walking round in a sugar induced daze. Slim Fruits are a great choice for a low calorie, sugar free snack. They may not be perfect, but they're pretty damn good.

My rating: 4/5

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