Wednesday 9 July 2014

Today's Review: Deli 24 Pepperoni & Cheese Sticks

Not exactly a flattering picture I've taken there, but this was the last in a pack of interesting meaty, cheesy snacks I picked up from Tesco last week. I'm a fan of Pepperami and Cheesestrings, so my eyes lit up when I saw these Deli 24 Sticks that combine the two into one treat.

This is basically a stick of cheese, wrapped in pepperoni. so it's kind of like an inside out pizza, without the tomato sauce... or the dough... actually, it's nothing like an inside out pizza, and it's actually just like cheese wrapped in pepperoni, because that's what it is. So yes, it's simple, but it's effective. The pepperoni has a nice spicy kick to it, but it didn't make me paranoid that I smelled of cured meats afterwards, which is something I always wonder after polishing off a Pepperami. There's just enough of the meat to add a nice flavour and texture to the cheese waiting inside, which is lovely and smooth. It's somewhat creamier than your regular Cheesestring, which means every bite of this stick is a smooth, slightly spicy delight. These are very tasty and filling sticks, and great for a snack. I'll definitely be picking these up again.

My rating: 5/5

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