Sunday 2 August 2015

Today's Review: Bounty Treat Cakes

I definitely can't count Bounty among my favourite chocolate bars, but I've been getting better acquainted with coconut in recent months, and think I'm almost ready to try and love the Bounty bar. For now though, these Bounty cake bars I picked up the other day seemed a good enough gateway. They consist of a coconut sponge covered in milk chocolate.

These cakes are pretty low in calories, though that is reflected in the size. They're pretty small, and as such aren' particularly filling. They're not bad for a treat though. As for how it tastes, well, they're a little dry. The sponge definitely has a nice coconut flavour that isn't too overwhelming, but the sponge isn't particularly special, it's a little dry and chewy. The chocolate on top is a nice thickness though, and adds some creaminess to the bar. As a whole though, these aren't anything special. Mabe one for the Bounty fiends, but there are better coconut snacks out there, and definitely better cake bars.

My rating: 3/5

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