Sunday 9 August 2015

Today's Review: Kettle Chips Crispy Bacon & Maple Syrup

I'm always ready for a new flavour of Kettle Chips, and seeing this new variety over on Grocery Gems the other day had me high-tailing it to Asda to grab a bag. I'm not normally one for meaty crisps, but I had some faith in this crispy bacon and maple syrup flavour, mainly due to it being based off that classic American combination.

I was prepared for a lot of meatiness from these, but in fact it's quite subdued. They certainly have a distinctive smoky bacon taste, but it's smooth and pretty unobtrusive on the tastebuds. That may not be great for some, but it was just enough meatiness to keep me interested. The maple syrup element is where it really shines through though, a fantastically sweet addition that gives a lovely, slight stickiness to the crisps, and blends in well with the bacon flavour to give an overall great combination of sweet and savoury with that token satisfying crunch that Kettle Chips are known for. There is perhaps a little too much of the maple syrup, it does get a little sickly in places, but it certainly didn't stop me making my way through this bag. This is another great flavour from Kettle Chips, and probably my favourite meat-based crisp to date. Go get some.

My rating: 4/5 

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