Thursday 6 August 2015

Today's Review: KFC Piri Piri Mediterranean Bites

My third fast food place review in a row. I would say that's pretty unhealthy, but at least I've been getting more protein than my usual sugary snack based reviews. I saw these Mediterranean Bites advertised back last week, but I've only just managed to get to KFC today. I was pleased to see they're available in three flavours: Sunblush tomato, smoky BBQ and spicy piri piri. I'm not sure what's so Mediterranean about BBQ sauce, but I'm sure they're lovely. I probably should've tried a selection of all three, but since they offer them tacked onto a box meal, I went ahead and picked one. The tomato sounded alright, but the spice fiend inside me was aching for the piri piri, hoping it would be hot enough to satisfy my tastebuds.

Oh yeah, these are hot. You get four sizeable chunks of chicken in this pot, and while they don't look all that saucy in the picture, they are swimming in a veritable paddling pool of piri piri. The chicken is nice and tender, and obviously the skin isn't as crispy as it could be due to the sauce bath, but it's still that undeniably good coating we all know and love. The sauce itself? Man, it's good. An intense, peppery flavour, almost habanero like in spiciness, it took just a few seconds to build up on my tongue, but when the heat came through I was very surprised by how hot it was. Like after any good spicy meal, I was almost sweating by the end, which is pretty good considering how small the pot is. This is a great new snack from KFC, one that's actually very spicy. If these are this good, I'm looking forward to seeing what the other ones are like.

My rating: 5/5

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