Sunday 30 August 2015

Today's Review: Cadbury Milk Tray: New Flavours

Many thanks to Cadbury for sending me a nice big box of Milk Tray. As you can see above, they certainly know how to wrap their packages. You see, it's the 100th anniversary of Milk Tray, and to celebrate Cadbury have rolled out three new chocolates. There's a Truffle Heart, an Apple Crunch and a Salted Caramel Charm. I guess the salted caramel is in keeping with the latest snack craze, but that's certainly no bad thing.

What a lovely layout. As you can see, one of the Strawberry Temptations didn't survive the trip. It lay there, a hole in its head, its life force seeping onto the box, so I had to put it out of its misery. Certainly a good start, but I'm mostly here for the new flavours. Here they are:

They certainly look the part, all striped and patterned like their more experienced brethren. Yes, they look nice. Certainly like chocolates. Chocolates from a chocolate box even. The only thing left to do was to taste them.

That's better. The Truffle Heart was probably the least exciting sounding one, so I started with that. I'm surprised that a standard chocolate truffle isn't already the norm, but the white chocolate truffle fares pretty well, and this one is... quite good. It's not spectacularly smooth on the inside, but it certainly offers a softer experience than a plain old hunk of chocolate. It's nice and creamy, certainly chocolatey, but it's not all that exciting. 

The Salted Caramel Charm is a very chewy beast. The milk chocolate slides off pretty quickly and lends a nice creamy texture, but the bulk of it is a big block of lovely chewy caramel. It's a little tough to begin with, but soon gives way and presents with a nice bold caramel flavour. There's definitely a lovely salty taste to it, and one that stuck with me throughout chewing and even after the chocolate was gone. I would have preferred there being a gooey salted caramel, but this is definitely nice enough. 

The Apple Crunch is the one I was most looking forward to. The orange and strawberry varieties are staples of any good box of chocolates, but I can't say I've seen an apple one before. Even better, this one contains an apple flavoured white chocolate truffle, which gives it a great creamy texture with a nice fruity taste. As with a lot of apple flavoured snacks, there's some cinnamon thrown in too, in the form of some crunchy pieces. They certainly give a sweet, spiced kick, but they are a little overwhelming, taking over the apple to make it more of a cinnamon flavour white chocolate. Still, the apple was noticeable at least, so it's not all that bad. The balance could be a bit better though.

So there we have it, three new Milk Tray varieties to pop in your mouth. They're all pretty good, not perfect by any means, but they're interesting new varieties that I certainly didn't mind eating. These are worth picking up while they're around.

My rating: 4/5

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