Thursday 27 August 2015

Today's Review: Galaxy Flutes

Now here's a bar I know has been around in the UK before, and I remember quite enjoying it too. But for some reason you can't get them over here anymore, and they were all over the place in Oman, so I picked up a few during my stay.

These are kind of like Milky Way Crispy Rolls, but in Galaxy form. They consist of Galaxy chocolate, wrapped around a crisp, cylindrical wafer, which in itself is filled with more Galaxy chocolate. The stuff on the inside seems to have a softer texture to it, more like that of a truffle. Maybe it's just the transition between wafer and chocolate giving that illusion, but I actually quite enjoy it. It makes for a nice, creamy block of chocolate that blends together nicely with the crunchy wafer. Sure, the wafer is a little dry, and not particularly flavoursome, but this is an interesting variation on a Galaxy bar that I certainly wouldn't hesitate to pick up if it reared its head on these shores again. Good stuff.

My rating: 4/5