Sunday 16 August 2015

Today's Review: Toffee Crisp Honeycomb

Toffee Crisp is certainly one of those classic chocolate bars that I pass up more often than I should. I love a Toffee Crisp, but when given the choice of the entire confectionery aisle, I'll probably go with something else. But the game changed when I spied these Toffee Crisp Honeycombs the other week. Toffee, and honey, and crisp? What a magic combination. What could go wrong?

All the classic Toffee Crisp elements are here, those of course being the chocolate, toffee, and the crispy cereal. They're all just as good, a crispy, creamy bar with a lovely sweet toffee kick. But when the honeycomb comes in it's a little confusing. It's another layer of sweetness, and it certainly is very sweet, especially once the toffee flavour mixes in with it. It adds an interesting dimension to the bar, but unfortunately there are some side effects. The texture of the honeycomb is also very sticky, and while crunching away I found clumps of it did get stuck in my teeth. Since it was hard to chew through, I found that even after the rest of the bar was gone, I was still left with sticky chunks of honeycomb that had become infused with toffee, making for a sickly sweet after taste that hangs around for some time. So while this is a great attempt at a new bar that works quite well to some extent, the sticky honeycomb throws it off quite a bit and left me feeling quite disappointed at the end of it all.  I'll definitely be sticking with the regular Toffee Crisp.

My rating: 2/5

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