Thursday 20 August 2015

Today's Review: Tornado Ice Energy Drink

Three years ago I reviewed the No Fear energy drink, a pretty awful effort that was made even worse by the fact they tried to include a resealable ring pull on the top of the can that just didn't work all that well. No Fear have since given up on that idea, which is a smart business move, but the dream is not dead. I picked up this Tornado energy drink the other day mostly because I hadn't tried one before. But when I went to open it I was greeted with this.

It's another resealable ring pull! But does it work? Why, yes it does. It's pretty simple actually. You pull up the ridged black tab, and then slide the entire plastic part over, creating a convenient hole that you can drink from. When you're done, just slide it back and pop the ridged part back onto the top, it's simple and pretty effective. My greedy nature of course doesn't see the need to have any energy drink remaining after one sitting, but I'm sure it's useful for some people. But enough about the ring pull. Is the drink any good? 

This is actually an interesting flavour that I haven't seen other brands tackle before, it's a combination of lemon and grapefruit that gives a pretty nice citrus kick. Sure, it is perhaps a little tart, but with those fruits involved it's hard to make it particularly sweet. It does suit the "Ice" name quite well though, providing a quite refreshing flavour with a nice kick of energy. It may not quite live up to the best brand names, but I certainly wouldn't be adverse to picking up a few more cans in the future. Especially with that amazing ring pull.

My rating: 4/5

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