Wednesday 13 January 2016

Today's Review: Tesco Twists: Chilli, Sour Cream & Lime

Of all the available shapes of crisps, the twist is probably one of my favourites. There are lots of little books and crannies for the flavour to get into, and a greater surface area than the more chunky offerings. I like the salt and vinegar ones that I pick up for my kids' birthday parties, but the other day I saw Tesco have some in a more interesting flavour, and they sounded pretty delicious.

Chilli, sour cream and lime. It sounds like a good combination, some spice, something to cool me down, and a bit of fruitiness. All the flavours are actually pretty well represented here. The chilli provides a mild but lingering heat, allowing the sour taste of the cream to come through. The lime adds a certain amount of zest, and layers on a bit of extra tartness. But while the balance of flavours is great, the intensity of them is not. These just don't quite taste bold enough to overcome the twists themselves, which are fairly thick and a little stodgy. So what could have been a fantastic bag of crisps is instead somewhat bland and disappointing. It's quite a shame.

My rating: 3/5

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