Monday 11 January 2016

Today's Review: Ice Breakers Sours Mixed Berry, Strawberry & Cherry

I reviewed the citrus version of the Ice Breakers Sours a few days back, and wasn't overly impressed, but I spied this berry variety in another Tesco I popped into the other day, and I always prefer berry flavours to citrus, so I snagged it up pretty quickly. These are sugar free sweets that come in three flavours: mixed berry, strawberry and cherry. 

Much like the other Ice Breakers, the only way to tell these apart is to examine the flecks on each sweet. All purple means you've got cherry, all red means strawberry, and a mixture of both gives you mixed berry. It's not a particularly great identification system, but it's pretty easy when you know how, and thankfully all the flavours are pretty great. The cherry is very bold, perhaps a bit too sweet, it carries on the trend of other cherry sweets that just taste too artificial. The strawberry is a cleaner flavour, again pretty sweet but more well rounded and closer to the real thing. The mixed berry is probably my favourite, a lovely fruity number with a definite hint of raspberry. Every one of these has that great sour kick to them, which lasts throughout the whole sweet and provides a very nice tingle on the tongue without skimping on the flavour. Unfortunately they also possess that "freshness" that caused me to dislike the citrus varieties, but in this case the darker, bolder flavour do a lot to alleviate it, I found this to be a much better pack overall. The berries win, this is a box of Ice Breakers I'll most likely be picking up again.

My rating: 4/5

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