Monday 4 January 2016

Today's Review: Galaxy Golden Eggs

Well, it's January, and that means it's time for Easter. I hear cries of despair all over at the Easter products lining the shelves, but I don't mind, it means I can pick up more chocolate goodness over the next few months. It also means there are some new products around, and this is one of them. I like the increased variety of mini egg bags over the last few years, and these Golden Eggs from Galaxy certainly looked delicious. They consist of Galaxy chocolate eggs embedded with crunchy caramel pieces, and "rolled in gold".

That last bit of the description threw me off a little, but check out those bad boys, they look fantastic. Every egg is a uniformly gold coated delight, and the insides are even better. The egg itself is your classic creamy Galaxy chocolate, and each egg is a decent size, giving a nice fix of chocolate. The caramel pieces are probably the best bit about these though. I do like a bit of caramel, but I've found with all the other caramel flavoured eggs, it's just gooey stuff put inside a hollow chocolate shell. Often this leads to the caramel dominating the flavour, and leaves me wishing for more chocolate. But the caramel in these eggs is in condensed, crunchy form, packing in a lovely sweet caramel taste while not compromising on the amount of chocolate. These eggs are a gorgeous addition to the Galaxy range, and I'm glad I tried them out so early this year, it means I can pick up lots more bags before they disappear.

My rating: 5/5

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