Thursday 21 January 2016

Today's Review: Kettle Bites Maple Barbecue Wholegrain Waves

I suppose it's the time of the year to be healthy, and while walking down the crisp aisle isn't quite conducive to that goal, there are some healthier snacking options available. I picked up these maple barbecue Kettle Bites because they sounded pretty delicious, the 95 calories per pack was an added bonus at the time, but it's probably good for those watching what they eat. I soon found out why the calorie count was so low though:

Yes, the bag is particularly empty, and I counted the crisps inside and came up with around ten (accounting for broken off bits). At first I was very disheartened, but the weight of the contents is 22g, and a regular Walkers multi pack bag is 25g, so I suppose it's more about substance than quantity. Turns out these are really good. The waves are quite thick and pretty filling, with a great wholegrain texture that is a lot more satisfying than your average potato chip. It's clear they're baked, there's no greasiness, they just taste like wholesome, clean crisps. As for the maple barbecue flavour, it's great. There's a fantastic smoky undertone with a sweet, but not overwhelming taste layered on top, with a bit of salt thrown in that really brings the flavours out and together. Looking at the ingredients, there's all good stuff in there, peppers, tomatoes, onion, and even real maple syrup, and that authenticity is reflected in the taste. So don't be put off by the picture up there, the portion may seem small, but these are filling and tasty.

My rating: 5/5

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  1. agree!!! just had these and i see myself as a bit of a crisp/snack connoisseur and these are by far the best thing I've put in my mouth recently!