Saturday 9 July 2016

Today's Review: Haribo Tangfastics Frenzy Carnival

Alongside the launch of the Starmix Frenzy Carnival come this Tangfastics version. I figured there would be a Tangfastics bag around somewhere, as these were brought out in tandem with the first round of Frenzy flavours. While I wasn't too keen on the Starmix this time around, sometimes it's worth giving things the benefit of the doubt.

This bag is pretty heavy on the pineapple, and also features melon lime, mango and grapefruit flavours. So it's keeping with the tropical theme present in the Starmix, but I think it works better here. The sour coating on the sweets helps, I think, as where the fruit flavours may be a bit under pronounced the sugar adds a nice tang that reinforces the fruity base. They're still not perfect, the original Tangfastics are still superior, but the flavours here are pretty authentic and taste quite bold. The dummies in particular are good, and the lemonade and lime bottles are pretty great too. This is a nice twist on the regular bag, and worth picking up while they're around.

My rating: 4/5

1 comment:

  1. Nah mate I just bought this instead of the original Tangfastics and I swear these just taste like shit for real, why the hell does the coke taste like grapefruit and lime what kind of flavour even is that smh