Friday 29 July 2016

Today's Review: Twix Cheesecake

Yeah, that's right, Twix Cheesecake. Two delicious words, that create a dream come true when paired. Not that I ever knew I wanted a Twix cheesecake until I saw it, but then I realised that all I wanted in that moment was a Twix cheesecake. This is available in Iceland for a not-quite-good-value £3, but I had faith that this would blow me away. There's also a Mars ice cream bar on offer, but that's a dessert for another day.

All the Twix elements are represented here. The cheesecake is drizzled with caramel, the chocolate is nicely positioned on top, and the biscuit is embedded within. To be fair, they all taste pretty good. It's less the "chocolate sauce" that is says on the box, as it has some kind of solid form, which is quite satisfying, especially when paired with the crunchy biscuit scattered around. The caramel is plentiful, and it provides a smooth, sweet kick that rounds off that Twix taste. It's just a shame that the underneath isn't done all that well. The cheese part is creamy, sure, but it's also quite thick and heavy, while the biscuit is very stodgy, and somewhat dark tasting, leading to quite a bland, dry base. It's a shame, the Twix parts are quite good, but they're not so good as to make up for the disappointing cheesecake underneath. Don't give up though, guys, try a Maltesers cheesecake next time...

My rating: 2/5

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