Saturday 2 July 2016

Today's Review: Haribo Starmix Frenzy Carnival

Haribo released a "Frenzy" edition of their Starmix and Tangfastics sweets last year, but apparently I neglected to review them. I did try them though, and seeing this bag for the first time I just skimmed over it, figuring I'd been there, done that. But upon closer inspection, this isn't just a Frenzy edition, it's a Frenzy Carnival edition, with different flavours all ready for consumption. So let me right my previous injustices in neglecting to review the Frenzy flavours, here's the new Starmix Frenzy Carnival.

They're still keeping with the theme of tropical flavours, well, vaguely at least. There are some interesting flavour and colour combinations here, such as the green mango eggs, the blue banana bears, and the purple and green mango & lime rings. There's a lot of mango present in these, quite a bit of peach too, but they're all pretty interesting variations on the originals. Trouble is they're not completely represented in the taste. There are some hints of the fruits that are meant to be there, but they're not all that strong. The bears pack quite a bit of flavour, and I found the banana and watermelon ones to be nice in particular. The rings, on the other hand, didn't taste all that great, and the combination of fruits didn't really shine through. Even my favourite Starmix sweet, the hearts, aren't a patch on the red originals. There's a semblance of nice peach flavour there, but it never materialises into something great. That seems to be the theme for the whole bag, each sweet possesses a certain amount of fruitiness, but didn't really impress me. I think I'll stick with the originals, they're classic.

My rating: 3/5

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