Sunday 10 July 2016

Today's Review: Tic Tac Intense Mint

I've been watching what I've been eating over the last week, which is definitely not conducive to my snack food reviewing tendencies. As such, while I've been steadily reviewing a new snack food every day for several weeks now, I seem to have run out of new things to cram into my face. While I was frantically searching the place for something I haven't yet rated, I stumbled upon this box of Tic Tacs at the bottom of the snack box, one that I picked up on holiday in Tenerife back in May. They're mint Tic Tacs, yes, but they're intense mint Tic Tacs, for when your breath needs that extra bit of freshness I suppose.

It says "intense" on the box, and they ain't kidding, these are some strong mints, almost offensively so. They're along the lines of extra strong Polos, and while the flavour is certainly minty, it's just too much for me. After a regular Tic Tac I feel pretty fresh, whereas with these I feel like my sinuses have had a good scrub. Then again, I'm not a big fan of minty stuff, so maybe these will fare well with others. I can somewhat see the appeal, and the flavour is as good as you'd expect from Tic Tacs, but they're uncomfortably strong for me.

My rating: 3/5

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