Tuesday 5 July 2016

Today's Review: Aunt Bessie's Sweet Potato Jackets

Hunting for new snacks is something of a compulsion, I'm sure fellow bloggers will agree. Every shopping trip consists of me wandering the aisles, scanning the shelves for something I've never seen before. The words "new" emblazoned on some packaging draw my attention instantly, and sometimes lead me to chuck something in the trolley that I'd never normally consider. Take these sweet potato jackets from Aunt Bessie's. I don't buy a whole lot of frozen food, but I saw these and had to have them for some reason. Well, I like sweet potatoes, and I had a day where it was only me to cook for coming up, so I guess that's reason enough. Besides, I know sweet potatoes come in a strange variety of shapes and sizes, so at least some specifically chosen for jacket purposes would be shaped for optimum filling, right?

Apparently not. I don't quite know what I expected, but this is literally two frozen sweet potatoes chucked in a box. They don't appear to be selected based on their shape, just thrown in from a generic batch. So if a convenient shape isn't a key benefit of these, what is? They're frozen, but surely they're prepared for a quicker cooking time, right? Well, the oven option calls for a 35-40 minute cooking time, while cooking your regular sweet potato will take... 45 minutes? What is this? What's the point? I mean, sure, these taste good, but so do any other sweet potatoes, Aunt Bessie's haven't done anything special to these, they just seem to have baked them a little and then frozen them, negating the point of baking them in the first place. It doesn't really matter to me that these taste good, not in this instance. Sweet potatoes are readily available at the front of the supermarket, and they're a hell of a lot cheaper than the £1 it cost me to pick up these two frozen lumps. Despite how they taste, my conclusion is that these are entirely unnecessary. Now I know why I've never reviewed regular frozen jacket potatoes.

My rating: 1/5


  1. Just bought these and thought exactly the same I'm sure they aren't even baked just frozen raw and bunged in a box with a lovely pic on. Completely mislreading. Why would you buy these just get a fresh bag and freeze yourself!

  2. I have just said the same thing. I was expecting the inside to be soft and the skin to be crispy. I have normal sweet potatoes for lunch and cook in the microwave no different to these and they turn out better. Wasted money on this when should have stuck to the fresh food section.