Thursday 14 July 2016

Today's Review: Maynards Bassetts Juicy Chews

Apparently Maynards and Bassetts have united to provide us with their glorious selection of sweets under one umbrella. A pretty good move I guess, they each have some very good products on offer. But from their joint venture comes this new product, Juicy Chews. Basically, they're chews with juice in, hence, you know, Juicy Chews. They come in orange, strawberry and cherry flavours.

I wanted to like these, they sounded promising, but overall I have to say I'm disappointed. The chews themselves have an alright taste, they possess pretty generic fruit flavours but they're a nice level of chewiness. They are perhaps a little big, and that's where the juice part should come in and save the day, but it falls a bit flat. The stuff inside is a bit thick and a little sickly, and it's pretty much just a concentrated version of the flavour in the chew itself. It's a little inconsistent too, some sweets may have quite a bit, while others may have very little. Either way, it makes for a somewhat disappointing experience. I'd say these would be better off without the juice part, but then I fear they'd be too bland. These chews just aren't great, I expected more from two well established sweet giants.

My rating: 2/5 

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