Wednesday 6 July 2016

Today's Review: Oreo Doughnuts

Tesco have updated their bakery again with some new items, and these Oreo doughnuts interested me the most, especially when I first saw the shelf label and found they were out of stock. After getting over my initial shock, I moved on, but thankfully after a visit to Tesco Express a couple of days later I actually managed to see what they looked like. Then I bought them to see how they taste.

As you can tell from the picture up there, these do have an appearance very in keeping with the Oreo theme. There are Oreo pieces atop a white, creamy topping, smothered on a chocolate doughnut which is itself filled with creme. Creme and chocolate, it's the Oreo way. I must say, I've started to become disillusioned with Oreo themed products these days, they seem to be everywhere, so for some reason I didn't have high hopes for these doughnuts. But it turns out these are pretty good. The doughnut itself isn't perfect, it's a little dry, but it has a nice chocolate flavour and the creme in the middle goes some way to softening it up. The topping is all good, providing a proper Oreo taste with a nice crumbly biscuit texture. These are chocolatey, creamy doughnuts, which is all you could hope for I guess, and while they're not perfect, they're a good effort. Despite the dryness of the inner doughnut, I was left with a nice creamy after taste, so overall it was a pretty good experience.

My rating: 4/5


  1. I love love these doughnuts! I came in search someone who agrees with me.I actually think they're perfect although I had low expectations

  2. What stores can you buy these at and can you get them in iowa?

  3. I have this donuts And IT was bad.