Sunday 3 July 2016

Today's Review: Lifesavers Butter Rum

Another acquisition from my candy store trip last week, these are butter rum Lifesavers. Now, I'm partial to a Lifesaver, they're a pretty good American version of Polos, and they come in fruity flavours as well as mint, which is great. But butter rum? That's an interesting combination if I ever heard of one. 

I'm torn with this one. I don't like these, at all, but I can't deny that they taste exactly like they say they would. The predominant flavour is a very strong rum, and it's underpinned by quite a smooth, creamy butter taste that would probably be alright on its own, although a little weird in a hard sweet. That rum though, man it's strong. I should probably stop buying sweets that promise a rum flavour, but my curiosity always seems to get the best of me. So what do I do? Applaud these for having a pretty authentic flavour? Or give them a low rating because I can't stand them? I guess I'll stick to the semantics. This is "my rating" after all, and while I can appreciate that the flavours are pretty accurate, I will most definitely not be buying these again. Besides, the butter part isn't too bad, just a little weird.

My rating: 2/5  

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