Tuesday 26 July 2016

Today's Review: Cadbury Mocha Choc Chunk Cookies

Another new Cadbury product, but this time it isn't another chocolate bar, it's boxes of cookies. Now, Cadbury are no strangers to biscuits these days, but these cookies seem a bit more decadent than their other offerings. There's a salted caramel brownie (that's for another day), and this more unique variety, a mocha choc chunk. These are soft baked chocolate cookies, with Dairy Milk chocolate chunks and instant coffee powder.

It's nice that they didn't sugar coat the coffee element, they say it's just powder, so I wasn't expecting a particularly mind blowing coffee experience. As it is, it's pretty good, there's a nice strong hint of coffee, and while it's not the best quality, it gives these cookies that mocha edge. It's a little strong at times, but it's good. The cookies themselves have a great, soft texture, almost more like a cake than a biscuit, and they're very chocolatey, with the Dairy Milk chunks lending another hit of chocolate that make these quite rich, but quite delicious too. I'm a fan of these, it's an interesting cookie flavour that's pulled off quite well. Some elements are a little overwhelming, but it's a good package overall.

My rating: 4/5

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