Sunday 17 July 2016

Today's Review: J2O Fruit Fusion Orange & Passion Fruit

I reviewed the apple & mango ones of these yesterday, and mentioned at the end that I'll be on the lookout for this flavour. Well, turns out I didn't have to look very hard, as I picked them up today. There's not much I can say to describe these after yesterday's review, they're the same frozen smoothies on sticks, but with orange & passion fruit instead of the apple & mango. Also, they contain two calories less than the others, so that's an advantage.

Unfortunately, the advantages end there, I didn't get on with these. With the first lick I got a flavour extremely similar to the drink that these are based on, a citrus taste with a nice, smooth, passion fruit twist. It didn't last long though. Working my way though this, there were some hints of something good, the fruits working in unison to deliver a sweet smoothie experience. But the orange always won out in the end, providing a very tart and slightly acidic aftertaste that really put a damper on the whole thing. The apple & mango tasted great throughout, and for some time after, but all I've got left to remind me of one of these smoothies is a sourness in the back of my throat. Stick with the apple, these ones are not so great. Started out promising, but soon devolved into something quite bad.

My rating: 1/5

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