Thursday 1 September 2016

Today's Review: Asda Caramel Shortcake Flavoured Milk

There are flavoured milks popping up all over the place nowadays, and I picked up this one from Asda today. I tried out their interesting blueberry muffin milk a while back, and this one promised the same dessert-like qualities, in the form of caramel shortcake. Caramel seems to be a relatively untapped milk flavour, and to have the shortcake thrown in on top is a bonus, given that they actually pull it off that is.

This is pretty good, a bold caramel flavour that isn't overly sweet, it's smooth and creamy, not quite as thick as I'd have hoped, but hey, this is milk, not a shake. But really, it's mostly a caramel shake, and there's nothing too special about it. The shortcake does manifest itself in something of a biscuit taste, but it's not all that strong, or particularly nice, so the caramel is the real focus here. While it's a nice enough flavour, the disappointing shortcake element brings it down, and overall it's a pretty average, caramel flavoured milk. Probably worth picking up if you're a caramel fan, but it's not a particularly unique drink.

My rating: 3/5

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