Friday 9 September 2016

Today's Review: Pop Tarts PB & J Strawberry

It's been a mere three years since I tried the chocolate peanut butter Pop Tarts, but I still remember them fondly. So when I saw the PB & J variety last week, I didn't hesitate in snapping them up. After all, who doesn't want peanut butter for breakfast, especially inside a toaster pastry? While chocolate would be my go to pairing with peanut butter, I'm partial to a bit of jelly too, so I had high hopes for these.

The strawberry part is the same as you'd find in the regular strawberry Pop Tarts, you know, one of the measly number of flavours they actually sell in the UK. If you're into your Pop Tarts you probably know the strawberry flavour well. It's not particularly authentic, but it gets the job done. The peanut butter is higher quality, not perfect, but a nice hit of peanut flavour with a thick texture, and there's a good ratio of filling to provide a proper PB & J taste throughout. This is a good effort, not quite as great as the chocolate peanut butter, but it's yet another flavour that makes me wish for an expanded Pop Tarts range in the UK. 

My rating: 4/5

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