Thursday 15 September 2016

Today's Review: Shreddies Max Protein Granola

A lot of people seem to be getting into the granola game lately. Despite the fact that most serving sizes of granola contain more calories than other cereals, it's considered the new healthy thing. Now Shreddies are joining in, with Max Protein. It's a combination of cranberries, oat granola and Shreddies pieces. It's also apparently a good source of protein, although with a name like "Max Protein" I figured it would be an excellent source.

This isn't bad at all, it contains some nice chunky granola pieces, and the cranberries are plentiful enough to add a bit of flavour, although they probably could have added a few more. It's not particularly revolutionary as far as granola goes, but the Shreddies pieces are a nice touch, they add an additional layer of flavour that make this an undeniably Shreddies based cereal. This is another granola to add to the pile, but it's not really a bad thing, I suppose it's nice to have a choice, and you can't go wrong with this.

My rating: 4/5

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