Thursday 29 September 2016

Today's Review: Belvita Breakfast Crunchy Choc Chips

I was recently sent these Belvita Breakfast biscuits to try out. I've dabbled in Belvita before, and they're probably one of my favourite brands to emerge from this fairly recent craze. These ones are crunchy though, and full of chocolate chips, so that sounded like an added bonus to me. I was asked if I would like to create a recipe involving these biscuits as well, and provided with these nice little photos of some ideas of what to do with them:

Pretty nice, I must say. I figured I'd give it a go, but I have three small children, and I really don't have time in the mornings to slice pieces of fruit into heart shapes, or concoct my own special fruity yoghurt, so I did the best with what I had. So here is my Belvita recipe, basically a combination of the countless spreads I have left over in my cupboard from reviews, alongside a hastily prepared instant coffee:

So there we have it, one has peanut butter, one has Cadbury Caramel spread, and the other has an interesting little chocolate and strawberry spread that I don't think I've reviewed yet. It's all tied together very nicely with the Very Hungry Caterpillar plate. I must say though, they all work very nicely with the biscuit, you could probably put any sweet spread on there and it would be a good match. The biscuits themselves are very clean tasting, a satisfying crunch with some great oaty flavour. The chocolate chips are plentiful, and really, as far as breakfast biscuits go, I can't fault it. I'm not really a fan of the softer styles, so this crunchy version was right up my street, and it delivers on the name. Tasty even if you don't load them up with more sweet stuff.

My rating: 5/5

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