Monday 18 December 2017

Today's Review: The Amount Of Food Pictures I Have On My Phone

Being a reviewer of predominantly food items, and not being in constant possession of a right proper camera, I take all my pictures for reviews on my phone. Nothing wrong with that, the iPhone camera is perfectly adequate to capture all the nuances of a chocolate bar wrapper. But as such, I often find my phone is full to the brim with pictures of random food items sitting atop my speckly counter top. If someone ever took my phone and scrolled through my photo library, they'd most likely be baffled, more so than the people who see me holding out my sandwich for a quick snap before I eat it. 

Seeing as I make a post every day, I suppose all those pictures aren't too out of place on my phone. But seeing as I'm a father of three, it's often worrying how many more pictures I have of snacks than I do of my own kids. Yeah, we have a proper camera for taking family snaps, but it seems I'm more capable of photographing bags of sweets than I am my own offspring. So it's not so much the amount of pictures of food on my phone, it's the disproportionate amount in relation to anything else that's quite worrying. Don't even ask me how many I've transferred to my laptop over the years. So much food, so many pictures. It's not the most awful situation, but it's definitely not great.

My rating: 2/5

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