Monday 4 December 2017

Today's Review: Tesco Ham Hock & Spiced Orange Chutney Sandwich

Christmas sandwiches don't seem to be as big a deal this year as they have been previously, so I've sort of skimmed over them this time around. But today I found myself picking up a meal deal, so I figured I'd give a festive offering a go. Here we have a ham hock & spiced orange chutney, a far cry from the chocolate and cherry mascarpone Tesco had a couple of years back, but a little different nonetheless.

What a disappointing sandwich. I love a bit of ham hock, but it's not particularly well represented here. There are some sizeable chunks I guess, but there's really not enough to make this a substantial lunchtime offering, it even seems dwarfed by the leaves that only seem to be there to provide a bit of crunch. The chutney is completely overpowering, a not particularly nice orange flavour that dominates everything else, leaving only a bit of meatiness coming through. A complete imbalance, and the chutney isn't even all that spiced, just tastes like a bit of gone off orange. This hardly filled me with Christmas cheer.

My rating: 1/5

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