Sunday 10 December 2017

Today's Review: Asda Turkey & Cranberry Pasty

Even those who grab a quick pasty along with their Asda shop get to choose a little bit of Christmas cheer, just look at this one, featuring turkey and cranberry. Sure, this may not sound as luxurious as a turkey dinner, but you can eat this one with one hand, doing whatever it is you do when you eat a pasty. Now, this isn't just turkey and cranberry, the turkey itself is in a "herby sauce", which sounds nice, and is I suppose, but it dwarfs all the cranberry in there. That's even if there is any in there, I thought I tasted a fruity hint from time to time, but it's mostly just like your average chicken pasty, but with turkey instead of chicken obviously. It's not bad, the turkey is nice enough for a cheap pasty, but I came for the cranberry, and only got a smidge, so I left disappointed. If you're looking for festive fun in the pastry aisle, this probably won't fulfil your needs.

My rating: 2/5

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