Wednesday 6 December 2017

Today's Review: KFC Festive Fries

Pretty much every fast food joint changes up their burgers from time to time, but most of them just leave their fries as they are. Not KFC though, they've given their fries the Original Recipe treatment before, and now they've brought out a new seasoning for the Christmas period. It consists of onion, garlic, herbs and "smoky" seasoning sprinkled on top of your good old KFC fries.

I'm all for a bit of a change up with the fries, and these are actually pretty great. The onion and garlic are both noticeable, and there's a certain smokiness to the whole thing, nothing major, and not exactly the main event, but it's nice to taste a few different flavours chucked in here. The blend of garlic, onion and herbs give it that little bit of a festive kick, almost like there's been a ball of stuffing mixed in there. I would say, however, that the flavouring clumps together in a few places, especially at the bottom of the box. That doesn't stop the fries themselves tasting good, but they can be a little bland in some places due to the spread of the seasoning. Still, a very festive offering that will spice up your winter chicken fix. Keep on tinkering with the fries, guys.

My rating: 4/5

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