Thursday 21 December 2017

Today's Review: Sleeping In A Different Bed

I like my bed, it's where I do my sleeping. I spend a fairly large chunk of my life curled up in bed, and as such I have it just to my liking. A nice comfy mattress, a memory foam pillow, perfect for getting into the position I need to get my beauty sleep. But there are those odd nights where I'm not sleeping in my own bed, and while it doesn't take much for me to fall asleep, it is more difficult in a different bed.

The mattresses are different. Some are too springy, some are too hard. Don't even get me started on the pillows. One might not be enough, but two might be too much. My pillow at home is just thick enough to cover the width of my shoulder so I can lay on my side. Other beds require me to change pillow heights or body position, and that's just not right. The bed I'm in right now is too soft, and it's a single, I feel like I'll fall out if I even make a small movement in my sleep. I know I'll be alright in the end, but I'm sure I'll wake up several times in the night, and require several shuffles before I get comfortable again. Even though other beds might be comfortable in their own way, my bed is the best. There's no place like home.

My rating: 1/5

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