Tuesday 26 December 2017

Today's Review: The Massive Piles Of Presents In My Living Room

Christmas is over. It's the end of Boxing Day, and while various visits to both sides of the in drips and drabs, we can safely say the gift giving is over, as evidenced by the massive mounds of presents that are piled on my living room floor.

I have three kids, and while two are old enough to be heavily invested in the cheap yet compact world of electronics and video games, they're still in possession of a sizeable amount of stuff that has no designated place to be tidied away to. So what am I to do? I could have a good sort out, obviously, but the kids still have a week off school, and it's best to just let them make their steady way through the presents, unwrap them, and given them homes of their own. But until then it's like a minefield of pencils, sweet and game pieces, a semi-permanent mountain range of oversized boxes and gift bags. It's never ideal. No matter how much we seem to clear out before Christmas, there's always going to be more stuff to put away than we have room for. These piles are symbolic of the generosity of family (and us), but they're a pain to be sure. Still, there are a few science kits over there, I look forward to "helping" with those.

My rating: 3/5

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