Friday 22 December 2017

Today's Review: Burger King Long Pepperoni

With no Burger King in my home town, it's a rare treat to visit the flame grilled paradise. But today was one of those days, and instead of capitalising on the festive treats on offer, I instead went for this recent addition to the menu. This is the Long Pepperoni, a long burger with two beef patties, cheese and pepperoni, topped with BBQ sauce. Pepperoni in a burger is not a new thing, but it's intriguing enough, I was excited to see what this burger would hold.

Despite containing pepperoni, I can't say I noticed it all that much. A little added meatiness, with a small boost of flavour, but seeing as it was the selling point it was pretty disappointing. I wasn't too sure about the BBQ sauce in conjunction with the pepperoni either, and while it wasn't great, it wasn't too bad either. The rest of the burger is classic Burger King, lovely juicy flame grilled patties, and a decent helping of cheese. So it's not all bad, but as a pepperoni burger it's not a great effort.

My rating: 2/5

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