Saturday 14 June 2014

Today's Review: Kettle Vegetable Chips

Chips (or crisps, if you ascribe to the proper British term) are a classic snack food. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes as flavours, and can be found lining the shelves of any food outlet. Probably the most popular is the potato chip, but why potatoes? Sure, they're good for cutting into slices and frying, but as a vegetable they're mightily bland. What about some alternatives? Well, a few brand names are having a go at making different vegetable chips, and Kettle Chips is one of them.

This nice little bag contains a selection of sweet potato, parsnip and beet root chips, which means there's a nice variety of colours present when you open it up. I must say I was excited by the first two flavours, as I love those vegetables, but since I'm not a fan of beet root I was expecting to skip over a third of the bag.

But it turns out, all these chips are delicious. They don't rely on various flavourings and seasonings to taste nice, each one has a bold, sweet, natural taste, with a satisfying crunch from the cooking process, and a nice pinch of salt to really bring out the flavour. I devoured the bag in no time, and I'm certainly going to be tucking in again. These are delicious.

My rating: 5/5

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  1. These are probably my favourite crisps, pleased Kettle have brought out a bigger pack.

    For anyone who likes vegetable crisps, I suggest trying plantain crisps. I found some in Morrisons (salted variety) and they were very similiar to a kind of thick cut vegetable crisp. Very tasty! Here's a review of them I found: