Monday 16 June 2014

Today's Review: Jelly Belly Jelly: Berry Blue & Cotton Candy

Jelly Belly make some damn good jelly beans, everybody knows that. They've also dabbled in soda and milkshakes, which are also pretty awesome. But with a name like Jelly Belly, why not make jelly too? Well, now they've done just that, and released a range of jellies based on some of their classic flavours. I picked up the Cotton Candy and Berry Blue varieties. Apple Green is also available, but I figured these would be more interesting.

Well, these certainly do taste like their jelly bean counterparts, but there's just something a bit off. The flavours are quite sickly, but they also taste watered down somehow. Perhaps it's the sheer volume of the jelly compared to the regular bean, or perhaps it's the composition of the jelly. But I certainly didn't enjoy these pots as much as I thought I would. They're certainly alright, but if you're after a bold, flavoursome Jelly Belly experience, there are a few other places to get it.

My rating: 3/5

1 comment:

  1. Sounds interesting..I would've thought cotton candy would taste nice in jelly form. Maybe they should have gone for creamy desserts instead like Cadbury Pots of Joy.