Monday 2 June 2014

Today's Review: Tesco Peanut Butter Style Cupcakes

It was not long ago that I entertained the thought of creating my own peanut butter cupcake frosting. After all, peanut butter makes everything better. My plan may not have come to fruition, but in the last week I have found two different peanut butter cupcakes, one in a nice little cupcake shop in Covent Garden, and another in Tesco of all places. The Tesco effort is perhaps the most weird and wonderful of the two, despite not actually having peanut butter in the ingredients. 

Yes, these cupcakes have a soya frosting, that is simply flavoured like peanut butter, but let me tell you that they have done a great job. The frosting tastes distinctly nutty and creamy, and it was definitely as if someone had swirled some peanut butter on top of the cake. As someone who loves peanut butter, that first bite was all kinds of awesome. But there was more to come.

Yeah, that's right, there's jam in the middle. This just turned from an interesting peanut butter cake to a full blown American inspired peanut butter and jelly cake. Most people recoil in horror at that combination, but seeing as I love PB&J, this cake pulls it all together surprisingly well, with the jam adding a nice sweet kick to the bold, peanut flavour. This is sweet, salty, creamy goodness, all wrapped up inside a nice soft sponge. I've tried a few of the new cupcakes that Tesco have to offer, but this is definitely the most interesting, and probably one of the tastiest. You may not want to try it, but I suggest you do.

My rating: 5/5

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