Wednesday 11 June 2014

Today's Review: Jaffa Cakes Mini Rolls: Berry Burst & Tropicool

Mini Rolls have been around for a while, you could say they're a staple snack, and perfect for picnics, packed lunches and the like. But recently they want to be seen in a different light. All these packets of Mini Rolls seem to be screaming at me, asking to be frozen. I don't know who came up with this idea, but I must say, it's a good one.

The latest Mini Rolls demanding to take up space in your freezer are these Jaffa Cakes varieties, coming in tow quite summery flavours. We have Berry Burst and Tropicool, because there's always room for a pun. For the sake of review I tried one of each frozen, and one of each at room temperature. The warm ones were okay, a bit squishy in the warm weather, and all the flavours kind of blended in together. There was a hint of something fruity, but it wasn't all that interesting. The frozen rolls, however, are delicious. Each layer freezes into different textures, and the flavours get trapped within. So we have a nice, flaky chocolate coating, giving way to soft, yet substantial sponge, much like an arctic roll. Then finally, the filling comes into play, and the fruit flavours are much bolder than when they're left at room temperature. They're still not all that strong, the berry flavour especially, but the Tropicool certainly has a lovely citrus kick, with a strong hint of lime that's certainly delicious. These may not be the best Mini Rolls I've had, but they definitely have some nice flavours, and they especially taste a lot better from the freezer.

My rating: 4/5

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