Wednesday 25 June 2014

Today's Review: Double Stuff Oreos

These aren't exactly a new addition to the Oreo line up, but I don't believe I've actually tried these before. But once I saw a pack for 50p in Asda, there was no excuse. These double stuff Oreos are, quite simply, Oreos with double the stuff, and by stuff they mean creme, as highlighted by the "x2 creme" annotation they added on for good measure. I guess they didn't call them "Double Cream Oreos" in case people thought they were cookies with actual, runny, double cream inside, but "Double Stuff" also has a nice, roll-off-the-tongue ring to it. 

So does double the stuff mean double the fun? Well, it does to me. I know there's a certain way to eat your Oreos, twisting, licking and sticking in your milk and all that malarkey. But a lot of the time I just eat them straight from the packet, and having more stuff inside makes it a much more smooth and creamy experience. Regular Oreos can be a little dry when you're eating them, well, dry, but these balance out the ratio of creme to cookie very well. Even if you're a dunker, you still get to lick up twice the creme after you twist, so everyone's a winner here. These are a simple twist on the regular Oreo cookies, and they're delicious.

My rating: 5/5

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