Sunday 15 June 2014

Today's Review: Haribo Tagada Purple Intense

I certainly enjoyed the French Haribo varieties I picked up near Disneyland a few months ago, so when I found this bag at Cyber Candy I couldn't resist picking it up. I wasn't entirely sure what Tagada was, but they were purple, and that's one of my favourite colours of sweets. Well, it turns out that Tagada is a type of candy actually invented by Haribo, who also invented Gummi Bears (which I certainly did not know). The original variety is the Fraise Tagada, which you may have seen in the UK as Strawberry Softies. 

Well, these are pretty much identical to the Strawberry Softies, except they're "purple" flavoured. I figured they were taking Homer Simpson's stance that "purple's a fruit", but a quick scan of the ingredients and my basic knowledge of French informs me that these sweets contain apple and cherry flavouring, and knowing that I can certainly pick up those flavours within. Mixed together they certainly do taste purple though. As for the "Intense" part? Well, yes, the flavour is pretty bold, but since these sweets are pretty much just mounds of sugar coated in more sugar, they are pretty sickly, so they really just taste like squishy purple sugar cubes. The Strawberry Softies are certainly not a favourite of mine, and these purple ones just don't add up flavour wise. The only thing I think I'll gain from these is intense tooth rot.

My rating: 2/5

1 comment:

  1. I am a fan, I love the taste of purple!
    Mind you I really like the strawberry ones too.