Thursday 26 June 2014

Today's Review: A Cool Breeze

It's getting hot nowadays. Summer is approaching, or maybe it's here. It's hard to tell, what with the intermittent rain, separated by hot, sunny patches. But hey, that's England, and when it's hot, it's hot. I find the heat is a lot different in this country compared to others. In some places it's a humid, atmospheric heat that permeates your very soul, while here it's as if the sun's rays are beating down on you in particular, like a cosmic being is aiming a magnifying glass at your face, and all the places you're sweating from. Sure, heat is nice, to a degree. It's certainly better to be warm than cold, but when it's too hot it does get unbearable. That's when a saviour can come along, in the form of air particles rushing from one place to another. Sometimes, a cool breeze is all we need to feel better.

My flat is a relatively new build, constructed from pure concrete, double glazed, and apparently very efficient at keeping in the heat. That's a good thing in the winter, but not now. Even now the sun has gone down and it's cold outside, I was sitting here, uncomfortably warm, almost sweating just from sitting on my sofa. Then I realised there was a window right next to me, and since opening it I am now at peace, as a cool, constant breeze is washing over me, and I like it. Cool breezes can happen anywhere. If there are no windows inside, we can use electric fans, an artificial cool breeze that you can't help but stick your face into. Even outside it may be sweltering, but all it takes is a slight gust of wind for you to go "Aaahhh". There are many different people on this planet, disagreeing over all kinds of things, but I can guarantee that if you put them in a hot environment and blew a nice, cool breeze at them, they'd all say "Ooh, that was nice". Then they'd probably go back to fighting, because their problems run a lot deeper than that. But for the one moment, that feeling would unite them all. As long as there is heat, may there forever be a cool breeze to take the edge off. It's certainly making my evening better.

My rating: 5/5

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