Saturday 20 September 2014

Today's Review Fruittella Super Shakes

I always get excited when I see a new Fruittella product, they're consistently juicy, tasty, and all round awesome. Now there's another variety of chews out, this time in the style of milkshakes. They come in three flavours; banana, mango and strawberry. They certainly look the part with their colourful swirls, but how do they taste?

I wasn't sure how the milkshake taste would come through with these, but Fruittella have pulled it off once again. The fruity flavours are authentic and bold, as I've come to expect. The mango in particular is amazing, and despite not really being a fan of banana, even those ones are tasty. The fruit flavours are swirled in with a fantastic milky taste and texture, making these sweets light and creamy, as well as lovely and soft to chew. These sweets are awesome, another perfect offering from Fruittella.

My rating: 5/5


  1. It has got a totally In-appropriate wrapper art, wonder how the authorities approved that wrapper art assuming children would consume that product too.

    If you are a good parent you wouldn't buy that product because of the wrapper art and in protest to that wrapper art as the product is consumed by children largely and they are the ones who will be effected negatively by this wrapper art at a young age.

  2. What is the problem with the wrapper art? I think it's a good representation of the product.
    These are excellent sweets the only problem being where can i buy them?

  3. Cant found them anywhere banana my favourite